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Ginger Spiced Tofu Cupcakes

Recipe Courtesy of House FoodsTry a healthier alternative to cupcakes by swapping out dairy with House Foods organic soft tofu instead. You'll love how the…

What Was Eaten At The Last Supper?

The Last Supper, eaten by Jesus and his Apostles shortly before Jesus' betrayal and subsequent crucifixion, has gone down in history as quite possibly the…

This Is What People Eat In The World's 25 Healthiest Countries Slideshow

A small island off the southern coast of Italy, Malta sits isolated in the Mediterranean Sea. Maltese cuisine is an amalgamation of the many cultures

Random Customer Surprises Popeyes Employee By Paying For Her Nursing School Education

One Popeyes employee in Kansas City received the surprise of her life when a customer raised $14,000 for her to attend nursing school and pursue…

The 15 Best Bourbons For Your Old Fashioned

Here are some of the best bourbons to use for an old fashioned, complete with the traditions and processes that make them among the best in the country.

The Main Reason Chocolate Beer Can Be Deceiving

If you're a fan of stouts and porters, then you may have noticed their notes of chocolate. But do chocolate beers actually contain any chocolate?

The Healthiest Burger King Items You Can Eat

Eating at a fast food restaurant doesn't mean you can't eat healthy. Burger King has several options on the menu that make for a great healthy meal or snack.

The Daily Dish: This Woman Made A Hilarious 'Couples' Christmas Card With Pizza

This Woman Made a Hilarious 'Couples' Christmas Card With PizzaThere is no holiday tradition quite as cheesy as the family Christmas card, and one woman…

The Gluten-Free Flour That Is Somehow Still Made Of Wheat

How on earth can a gluten-free flour be made of wheat? Although it seems to go against everything we think we know, there is an explanation.

Tell-Tale Signs That Your Almond Milk Has Gone Bad

Have a tough time with expiration dates? These are the most important tell-tale signs to look for that will let you know your almond milk has gone bad.