Steve Carell, Cardi B And Lil Jon Star In Pepsi's New Super Bowl Ad

It doesn't matter if you're the server taking orders or the customer that's giving them — we're all familiar with the exchange that goes down after asking for a Coke at a restaurant that serves the competing brand. "Is Pepsi OK?" Usually, the answer is a simple yes (or no if you're that picky), but in this year's Super Bowl ad for the soft drink, its star-studded cast wants you to know Pepsi is more than OK.

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"Is Pepsi OK?" "Beautiful Boy" actor Steve Carell asks while humorously spinning into view from a red diner booth. "Are puppies OK? Is a shooting star OK? Is the laughter of a small child OK? Pepsi is more than OK!"

Cue rappers Lil Jon and Cardi B — each wildly famous for the way they say "OK." In most, if not all Lil Jon songs, you'll hear him yell, "OKAAAY!" with a chalice of crunk juice in hand. Cardi B's equally iconic version goes a little something like, "Okurr!" If you're familiar with either, we know that you read that with the correct pronunciation and level of vigor in your head. You can watch the full 30-second spot below:

Pepsi's "More Than OK" ad will air during Super Bowl VIII on Sunday, February 3. The "Official Soft Drink of the NFL" and longtime sponsor nabbed a pretty diverse line-up of entertainment for the halftime show performance, which they are also sponsoring. Viewers can expect music from Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Atlanta-born artist Big Boi. Do you have your snacks ready? Here's a list of everything you might need.