The Healthiest Foods At Disney Parks

"I'm going to eat healthy this weekend," were Pinocchio's last words before his waistline grew four times larger than his nose. We're just being real: People don't travel to Disney for the kale.

But you're taking your family on a vacation — not trying to send your health habits on the ultimate holiday. Yet at the Disney Parks, it can be really difficult not to forget about all that and eat buckets of fried food with your children.

Find the Healthiest Foods at Disney Parks here.

Disney is the place where dreams come true, and that includes dreams of food. Between the Mickey-eared ice cream pops and the overflowing mountains of dessert, no child (or chocolate-loving adult) leaves unsatisfied.

This is a big part of Disney's appeal. While you're on vacation, we definitely advise you to indulge in an ice cream or two. However, there are equally delicious and healthy options out there to discover, too. Healthy eating at Disney is about as real as Cinderella in the imagination of your nine-year-old daughter.

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo: Magically, we found the healthiest options for you!