Four Loko Launches Bartender Series

Malt beverage brand Four Loko has expanded to include a new line, the Bartender Series, which comes packed in artwork inspired by graffiti.


According to the press release, the line includes three flavors: Blue Mofo, Purple Hooter, and Pink Scorpion.

"With Bartender Series, we did not want to lose the bold design Four Loko is known for. Instead, we embraced it and built on it by introducing simple, yet powerful graffiti imagery," Jenna Shklyar, vice president of marketing at Phusion Projects, said in a statement. "On the flavor front, collaborating with professional bartenders helped us merge the authentic experience of trying unique cocktails at a bar, with the convenience of a can. The result is that while Four Loko's Bartender Series branches out into mixed drink inspired territory, it stays true to the adventure Four Loko stands for as a brand."

The Bartender Series is available nationwide in 16-ounce cans.