There Is A Best Day Of The Week To Shop At Whole Foods

When you walk into Whole Foods, you cannot help but feel a little healthier (and maybe also feel the sensation of some extra dollars leaving your pocket). Perhaps it's the plentiful options of organic groceries, meats, and produce; maybe it's the lack of preservatives, additive colors, and sweeteners found in the store; or perhaps it's that hot bar that's waiting for you, full of delicious prepared foods.

There are many reasons to shop at Whole Foods, and that's not lost on others around the globe. This is why, in addition to your favorite grocery store goodies, you may also find a packed house when you step through the doors.

Whatever you love about Whole Foods, shopping there is an intentional decision. You've decided it's worth braving the crowds and spending the extra bucks. Whether you think they have the best cheese selection, smoothies, or quality meat, you've decided it's the best place to shop — but did you know there's also the best day of the week to shop there?

Hump day is now Whole Foods day

Whole Foods shoppers, clear your calendars for the middle of the week. The ideal day to get that grocery trip out of the way is Wednesday, for more reasons than one.

First, that's the day you'll find the most variety of prepared food options available on the shelves, according to Whole Foods Market's principal culinary program manager Carolina Martinez (via The Kitchn). She says that since Wednesday is the day Whole Foods has its weekly change-over, fresh batches of prepared foods like salads, soups, and pizzas will be available. You'll have a higher chance of snagging the popular items that tend to disappear quickly, like pre-cut veggies. And you're even better off if you can go in the morning, when the store's meats, seafood, and produce selection is freshest.

Wednesday is also the day Whole Foods updates its weekly sales (per Today), so you'll have a good chance of getting the best deals (especially if you're an Amazon Prime member). According to Today, if you go on Wednesday, you can usually find items with a hefty discount. Freshly prepared food and lower prices? We'll see you there on Wednesday.

How to take advantage of Amazon Prime deals at Whole Foods

By now, you're probably aware that Amazon bought Whole Foods a few years back. But what you may not realize is that if you're a Prime member, you might be able to save more than you think when you shop at Whole Foods. And you don't just have to shop online through Amazon — you can also benefit from discounts during in-store shopping. Here's a quick rundown on ensuring you get the most out of your Prime membership at Whole Foods.

You'll want to download the Whole Foods Market app if you're shopping in-store. Log in with your Amazon Prime account details, and the app will do the rest. Open it while you're shopping, and it'll locate the store you're at and show you which items are on sale. Pro tip: you can also look for extra Prime member discounts marked with a yellow sticker on store shelves. When you check out, there's a QR code on the app that you can scan, which will apply any eligible discounts. And just like that, you've saved some cash.