Waiting Forever To Vote Today? This Website Wants To Give You Free Pizza

Free pizza is a major perk to standing in line this Election Day. Munch while you wait with Pizza to the Polls, an innovative site that encourages voters to brace the long lines by offering free pizza if you're left standing out in the cold.

The Pizza to the Polls website offers two options: Either you can help donate funds to feed hungry voters or you can report a long line by providing a social media snapshot of the polling place and the address. The website's purpose is two-fold: It offers an incentive to those who are struggling to stand in line for hours, and it can pinpoint problem polling locations with data from pizza requests.

The non-partisan Election Day nonprofit was engineered by Scott Duncombe and Noah Manger, who had previously created an anti-Trump SuperPAC called the "Americans Against Insecure Billionaires With Tiny Hands PAC." The group uses leftover funds from its SuperPac, as well as the donated funds from the website, to order local pizza to busy polling locations and places the food into the right hands.

So far, 356 pizzas have been ordered with more than $19,000 contributed by voter activists across the country.