10 Bloody Marys Perfect For Mother's Day Brunch Slideshow

Hong Kong: Bloody Pearl

"This former British colony now boasts the world's longest life expectancy — and the Bloody Pearl celebrates both, with London dry gin standing in for vodka and Chinese black vinegar (known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol) and toasted caraway seeds (a remedy for stomach maladies) for long life." — Chef Jose Garces

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Chicago: Chi-Dog Juice

"Many cities define themselves by one legendary food, and perhaps none more so than the tastily garnished hot dogs I remember devouring while growing up on the city's northwest side. Chi-Dog Juice brings the sweet, spicy goodness of a real Chi-town dog to your glass — complete with a hearty garnish, of course." — Chef Jose Garces

See the recipe here. 

Miami: Little Red Havana

"Miami is a melting pot of Latin and Caribbean cultures, a place where health-conscious ocean-side living coexists with riotous beachfront parties. Likewise, the Little Havana Verde is loaded with antioxidants — and a generous pour of cucumber vodka, as well." — Chef Jose Garces

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New Orleans: ‘Dat Eye Opener

"New Orleans is a food culture all its own, so 'Dat Eye Opener had to have a distinctive flavor. Replacing red tomato juice with green and liberally seasoning the cocktail with Creole spices make this Mary smooth as jazz — and worthy of The Big Easy." — Chef Jose Garces

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New York: Gotham Mary

"New York is a city of extremes: young transplants and sage tycoons; low places and high fashion; itty-bitty studio apartments and some of the most iconic skyscrapers in the world. Our Gotham Mary combines two of my favorite low-end / high-end New York pleasures: a toasted everything bagel for breakfast and a frosty cold vodka martini for lunch." — Chef Jose Garces   

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San Francisco: Fisherman's Blood

"Inspired by a stroll from the famed Ferry Building (and its collection of top-notch food stands) to Fisherman's Wharf, where the fog rolls in off the bay, Fisherman's Blood brings the indelible flavors of the sea and the city's heritage as one of America's most exciting cocktail cities into your glass with house-infused horseradish-peppercorn vodka and our own briny Clamato juice." — Chef Jose Garces

See the recipe here. 

San Juan: Puerto Maria

"Fondly known in our 'test bar' as a Bloody Pirate, this rum-based Mary starts with Bacardi Gold and gets progressively more tropical from there: Puerto Rican-style sofrito lends body and heat to the tomato juice, while sweet-and-salty garnishes of fried plantain and chicharrones add crunch and heft to what is truly 'a breakfast in a glass'." — Chef Jose Garces

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Sao Paulo: Bloody Paulistano

"Like Brazil itself, our Bloody Paulistano is at once rustic and modern, with traditional notes of tomato and horseradish mingling with tropical açaí, a fried plantain garnish and, naturally, cachaça. One sip of this effortlessly breezy cocktail will transport you below the equator, whether you're here in Brazil or half a world away." — Chef Jose Garces

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Shanghai: Shanghai Surprise

"Our Shanghai Surprise re-imagines one of my favorite twists on a Bloody Mary, the Michelada, with Chinese-inspired ingredients: rice wine vinegar for acidity, sriracha for heat and Tsingtao beer for body (and an extra kick). The 'Surprise' is your garnish: a treat added at the bartender's discretion to complete this transportive cocktail." — Chef Jose Garces

See the recipe here.  

Tuscany: Al Fresca Mary

"Like a Tuscan sunrise over the region's renowned vineyards, our Al Fresca Mary is brimming with warmth — and many of the subtle flavor notes you might find in a superior chianti — thanks to tomato juice infused with fresh strawberry and lightly spicy pepperoncini and a generous pour of rich balsamic syrup." — Chef Jose Garces

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