Holiday Gift Guide: Last-Minute Spirited Gifts

It's time to 'fess up. We promise that we won't judge you if you haven't finished your holiday shopping. But don't worry, all is not lost: You still have a few hours left.

So we strongly urge you to check out our Last-Minute Gift Guide as soon as humanly possible. Seriously, even minutes make a big difference today. And to help you expedite the process, we found a range of items that you can buy fairly easily or order online. (Hey, a present in the mail is better than nothing.)

Really in a bind? Give the gift of cocktails this year. But forget about complex concoctions that require a huge list of ingredients. Some of our favorites call for only a handful of common spirits and mixers, like the Dark n' Stormy, a delicious combination of ginger beer and rum.

If your guests are vodka fans, substitute it for rum and fix a Moscow Mule instead. Simple, yet elegant.
For more inspiration, visit our Holiday Entertaining Guide, which has plenty of recipes for both classic drinks and also decadent (and spirited) baked goods.

Happy holidays!